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Tata Play HD SD remote
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  • Wide angels for long distance range
  • Premium Body Quality
  • Universal remote for TV & STB
Safety Icon1 year warranty

Programme your Tata Play remote to be a universal remote

Your Tata Play remote can control TV’S POWER, VOLUME+, VOLUME -, MUTE, AV (SOURCE HDMI, etc). By default it may control major Samsung TV models without any setup.

Note:By default Vol+/- and Mute keys will work for STB (Refer Customising Volume Control).

There are two methods to set up the TV. Try Method 1 first

Step 1

Turn your TV set ON (not in standby).

Step 2

HD SD TV Power Method1

Press the TV Power button. While pressing the TV POWER button also press the STB Power button and hold them simultaneously till the LED blinks twice. The LED will be kept on.

Step 3

Aim your remote at your TV set. Press and hold button number that has the first alphabet of the TV brand (e.g. Button 7 PQRS for Sony, Philips, Panasonic, etc TV, Button 5 JKL for LG, Lloyd, etc) until your TV switches OFF (this may take up to 90 seconds). Once the TV is turned off, release the button.

Step 4

Release the number Button as soon as your TV switches OFF. Now you can control POWER, MUTE, SOURCE,VOL+ and VOL- of your TV. Please refer "Customising Volume Control" of your TV. If not, please repeat from Step 2 above.

Step 5

It is suggested that STB volume is set to maximum and remote configured to control TV volume, please refer to “Customising Volume Control”.

Step 6

If this process is unsuccessful, please try Method 2.

Step 1

Remote Binge Plus Method2 Step1

Place both the Tata Play and the TV remote on a flat horizontal surface (like a table top). The remotes should be placed 3-6 cms apart with their respective LEDs facing each other.

Step 2

Remote Binge Plus Method2 Step2

Press the SELECT button and Number 2 button and hold them simultaneously till the LED blinks twice. After the LED blinks, the LED will now be on. Now release both the buttons.

Step 3

Remote Binge Plus Method2 Step3

Press and release TV Power button on the Tata Play remote. The LED will turn OFF when the button is pressed and will turn ON when the button is released.

Step 4

Now press the POWER button on your TV remote. Keep it pressed till the LED on the Tata Play remote blinks twice to confirm successful programming. If the LED blinks 4 times, it means the programming was unsuccessful, and you have to start over from step 1.

Step 5

Follow steps 4 again to program the other buttons one by one. Replace the button in step 4 with the VOL+, VOL-, MUTE, AV , Menu Up, Menu Down, Menu Left, Menu Right and SELECT key buttons.

Step 6

Your Tata Play remote is now programmed to power ON / OFF your TV, change Volume, Mute please refer to “Customising Volume Control” and AV Source.

Step 7

It is suggested that STB volume is set to maximum and remote configured to control TV volume, please refer to “Customising Volume Control”.

  • If you programme more than one remote, the Tata Play remote will retain only the functions from the last programmed remote.
  • On completion of programming, if one or more buttons on the Tata Play remote do not function correctly in TV mode, please repeat the process.
  • To ensure smooth programming of the remote, we recommend that you use new batteries in both - the Tata Play and the TV remote.

Customize Volume Control

Customize Volume Control

The volume that is controlled by the Tata Play remote is based on the setup. Press SELECT and VOL+ buttons simultaneously. When the LED blinks twice, it will control the TV volume. When the LED blinks 4 times, it will control the STB volume.

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Does remote comes with any warranty?

All Tata Play remotes come with a 1-year warranty.

How much does the Tata Play HD & SD remote cost?

Tata Play HD & SD remote is priced at Rs 250.

How to order the Tata Play HD/SD remote?

Tata Play remotes can be ordered online from https://www.tataplay.com/remote . Additionally, the remotes can be booked by calling call centre at - 1860 208 6633, 1860 500 6633.

For which Set Top Box can the Tata Play HD/SD remote be used?

Tata Play HD/SD remote can be used for both the HD and SD Set Top Boxes.

Can the remote act as universal remote?

Yes, all Tata Play remotes can be used as universal remotes. For further details, kindly read the instructions available on the remote page https://www.tataplay.com/remote/hd-sd .