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Read common questions about packs & channels

Can we make our own channel packs on Tata Play?

Yes. You can make your own pack. Go to the “Recommended Pack” section and select your favourite channel(s). You can also select from our other curated packs / Broadcaster Packs and ALC channels.

How to remove and add Tata Play packs?

You can add / drop Tata Play Packs using any of the below options:

  • Tata Play website – To add/drop/modify current pack in a few easy steps, click here
  • Tata Play Mobile App - To add/drop/modify current pack in a few easy steps,
    1. Go to “My Account”
    2. Select “Manage Pack”
    3. then select “Modify Packs & Channels”
    4. Choose your favourite Packs / Channels
  • WhatsApp
    • Register your account on WhatsApp by giving a missed call to 9229692296 from your registered mobile number. Make sure your registered mobile number and WhatsApp number are the same. You will get a confirmation message on your WhatsApp.
    • Send Add or Drop (Space) EPG Number - For example, to add/drop Ten Sports ALC: Add 470 / Drop 470
  • Missed call
    • Give a missed call to our universal missed call number (080 6858) followed by the EPG number of the ALC you wish to add. For example, to add Ten Sports ALC (EPG number is 470), give a missed call to 080 6858 (0470). For example, to add Tata Play Kannada Cinema (EPG number is 1602), give a missed call to 080 6858 (1602)

How can I save my TV bill with Tata Play?

To save your TV bill, you can select your best value pack from our recommended pack section.
Please follow the below options:

  • Tata Play Website
    1. Click Here to view best packs available.
    2. Select your Best value pack
    3. Click on “Confirm”
    4. You can explore other packs by clicking “Explore More”
  • Tata Play Mobile App
    1. Select the “Recommended Pack” section from the Menu option on Android and iOS
    2. You can also click on the ‘Recommended Pack’ section on your mobile homepage
    3. View your recommended pack details and choose your pack.
    4. You can also choose your own pack from the other pack options available.