About Family Health

Empower yourself with credible, authentic health-related information so you can take control over your own and your family’s complete health. Tata Play Family Health is the platform where you will get all such reliable information to lead a healthy and happy life – in one place. ​

Here, you can read and gain information about conditions such as diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, heart health and everyday health. From common cold and allergies to more, we’ve covered a wide range of topics.​

Tune in to 510 to get the know-how to stay healthy. The service is also available on the Tata Play mobile app.​

Family Health

For a healthy body and mind

Tata Play Family Health is a service that provides credible, authentic information to an individual so there are no uncertainties or doubts related to their own health or that of their family. The service informs, inspires and empowers viewers to take greater control over their family’s health, adding value to one’s family life. ​

​Some of the topics covered in the service are diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, heart health and everyday health ranging from common cold and allergies to more.​

The service is also available on the Tata Play mobile app to provide viewers with uninterrupted access to quality healthcare information.