Tata Play Packs

Explore the complete list of Tata Play packs created to suit various viewers

Thank you for showing interest in Tata Play! Not only do we bring you great picture quality and sound but also bring many DTH plans and packages to suit your needs and budget.

What DTH plans does Tata Play offer you?

From curated Tata Play packs to curated regional packs to broadcaster packs to free to air packs to individual channels, Tata Play offers a wide variety of DTH Plans best suited to your needs & budget.

Choosing the right DTH package is a matter of taste and preference. Want a wide variety of channels within your budget? Choose from our Tata Play Packages. Want a basic package? Choose from our FTA packages. Prefer regional content? Choose from our regional packs. Prefer channels from specific broadcaster? Choose from our broadcaster packs. If the plans don’t work, one can also make a pack by choosing individual channels.

Tata Play DTH offer a variety of packages that fit the best viewing requirement within one’s budget for all set top box types.To Know more, visit tataplay.com/explore/set-top-boxes-packs/set-top-box

TV recharge plans depend on the kind of packs and channels one subscribes to. One can do a quick recharge online from the Tata Play mobile app/Tata Play website or contact your authorized partner. Know more at tataplay.com/dth/help/how-to-recharge to get started

Tata Play offers many free-to-airs (FTA) channel plans. In addition, regional language DTH plans like Tamil Metro, Telugu Metro HD, Marathi Smart, Tamil Metro HD, Malayalam Smart, Bengali Smart, Odia Smart, etc. also start at minimal prices. The Hindi Bachat plan is one of the most value for money plan that Tata Play offers. If these plans don’t work, one can also make a pack by choosing individual channels.

Tata Play currently offers 600+ TV channels and services across Standard and High-Definition quality.

Yes, Tata Play offers wide variety of the best DTH plans for you to explore

We have channels and packs of all major broadcasters on Tata Play platform, such as Star, Sony, Zee, etc. Each of the broadcasters have multiple packs of their channels. There are over 250 broadcaster packs. To gain a better understanding of the packs and to choose the best one, please have a look at Tata Play packs which have been curated to best suit your viewing requirements.