Cable TV and Analog TV

Why is cable TV outdated?

A cable TV connection transmits analog signals at a particular frequency from the television station to the receiving antenna of your TV set. Every channel is assigned a particular frequency and when you tune in to a channel you are actually choosing to receive transmissions of that particular frequency. These analog signals do not always produce the original programming and suffer from interferences producing ghost images, static and what we usually call “snow”. The result is poor picture quality, grainy backgrounds and the sound quality also deteriorates. This is why your cable television connection fails to give you an experience you can enjoy.

Shifting to a digital connection

The main advantage of a digital TV connection over a cable TV connection is that instead of transmission of analog signals, it is the binary bits that combine to reproduce an exact copy of the original material. Hence, it produces superior picture and sound quality at all times. A grainy picture is a forgotten sight with a digital TV connection. Unlike cable TV, a digital TV connection remains unhampered by power cuts. A digital TV connection is the future of entertainment in our homes.

Cable TV vs. Digital TV

Cable TV connections only support analog signals that often succumb to interference and disturbances. Shifting to a digital TV connection has more benefits than just superior picture quality and amazing sound effects.

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Benefits of Tata Play DTH Connection

  • More than 600 channels
  • 24*7 customer service
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free unlimited recording
  • ‘Entertainment on’ even during power cuts
  • Maximum number of regional channels
  • ‘Movies on Demand’ service
  • Freedom to choose your channels and packs
  • Set reminders for favourite shows

With Tata Play, nothing stops your entertainment

Apart from enhanced picture quality with higher resolution and stereophonic sound effects, shifting to a digital TV connection has more advantages than you would have guessed. You can now set reminders for your favourite shows and record episodes that you want to watch later. With a digital TV connection, entertainment is still on even when there is a power cut. You don’t have to wait anymore for the latest movie to be aired on TV. Showcase on Tata Play brings you all the latest blockbusters. With more than 600 channels to choose from and 24*7 customer service, Tata Play DTH connection aims to give users a viewing experience that was impossible with cable TV.