On Campus

Benefit from our on-campus programmes aimed at creating tomorrow’s leaders

At Tata Play, we believe in grooming leaders from within. We foster young talent through our Summer Internship Program and Management Trainee Program where we hire from premier B-schools across the country.

We are looking for chasers, risk takers, team-players and believers who can propel the company to greater heights with their prowess. Think you have what it takes? Then hop on, Tata Play is the limit!

Summer Internship Program

Summer Internship Program

The Summer Internship Program at Tata Play forms a vital part of our talent strategy. It gives you an excellent chance of securing a spot in our Management Trainee Program. It really is the launch pad to start your career at Tata Play.

Our interns are with the organisation for a duration of 8 weeks, in the months of April and May. The program includes:

  • Corporate Induction – This 2-day session gives the interns an opportunity to connect with the Leadership Team and learn about the business of Tata Play.
  • Internship Projects- We like to empower our interns with a surprisingly large amount of responsibility. Interns are given live projects in their core area of interest. Throughout the project, mentors provide support, training as well as opportunities of personal development.
  • Review- Interns are given a chance to present their work and share their experience with the Leadership team. Based on their project and reviews from their mentors, interns may then be awarded a Pre-Placement Offer.
Management Trainee Program

Management Trainee Program

As a part of our leadership building initiatives, we have in place a Management Trainee Program that aims to turn postgraduates into world class managers. We believe in developing the leaders of tomorrow, today. We hire from the top B schools of the country, provide them with cross-functional exposure before confirming them as Managers in their field.

We engage our MTs in a year-long structured program, starting from the month of June. This program includes:

  • Corporate induction- MTs attend an induction for a week. Here, they get to interact with our Leadership team and get an on-ground experience of products and services at Tata Play. Activities include learning how to install a dish, sales role-plays, understanding the technology etc.
  • Cross-functional stints- All MTs, irrespective of their final role, do several cross-functional stints across all core functions of Tata Play. In each project, Mentors provide them with guidance while Buddies facilitate a smooth transition into the organization. MTs get to experience the breadth of the business at Tata Play – at both urban and rural locations.
  • Leadership Interactions- MTs have project presentations and experience sharing sessions with our CEO and the Leadership Team every quarter. Over the course of a two-day period, project findings and recommendations are discussed, reviewed and critiqued and some might even get implemented with immediate effect.