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  • What is Annual Service Commitment (ASC)?​

    ASC stands for Annual Service Commitment - a special service offered to Tata Play subscribers to have set top box/digicomps serviced after the base ASC period, which is provided free of cost for one year from activation, is over.

  • How does a subscriber avail of the ASC?

    The subscriber needs to call the helpline and request for ASC enrolment. A Tata Play installation technician​ will then visit the subscriber's home to carry out a technical inspection of the equipment, post which he will get the ASC form duly filled and signed by the subscriber.

  • What is covered under the ASC & what is the validity of the ASC?

    The Tata Play set top box will be covered under the ASC. This ASC will not cover the Remote and/or any willful physical damage of the set top box or installation material, any form of substitution or replacement that has been done, any defacement of the serial number on the set top box, any voltage fluctuations or rat bites or neglect - on account of improper use.

    ASC Charges

    Time at which the ASC is ordered

    Primary Connection

    Each Multi Room Connection
    On the day of Installation Rs 199 Rs 199
    Within Base ASC Rs 299 Rs 249
    Post Base ASC Rs 499 Rs 449
    During the 30 days of service warranty Rs 499 Rs 449
  • What are the charges for calls made to the Tata Play helpline?

    Tata Play does not levy any charges on calls made to the helpline or SMSes​ received. You are billed for the outgoing calls and messages by your telecom service provider as per applicable rates charged by the telecom service provider. For details of charges, please get in touch with your telecom service provider.

  • What should I do in case of any problem with the set top box/digicomp?

    All set top boxes/digicomps are covered under a Base ASC for a period of 12 months from the date of installation ("Base ASC Period"). Should you encounter any problem, please call the 24x7 Tata Play helpline. Our Customer care executive will be able to help you resolve the problem. If the problem persists, a dedicated team of our authorized Installation Service Providers who are trained to resolve technical problems that you may encounter will visit your location. ​Post the Base ASC Period, Tata Play also offers an Annual Service Commitment service to its subscribers. You can get the details of the same by calling the Tata Play helpline (for details on the Base ASC Period, kindly refer to your Tata Play Subscription Contract).

  • I need to understand the features on Tata Play, what should I do?

    Please call our 24x7 helpline. Our associates are trained to answer subscriber queries in 12 languages. For frequently asked questions press the 'help' button on your remote. Visit here to view a demo of all the features available on Tata Play.

  • What is non-standard or premium installation?

    Tata Play's standard installation uses a 10 metre cable length. Any installation that calls for an increase in the length of the cable or any form of internal cabling, special mounting or RF connection to additional televisions, would be categorized under non-standard or premium installation. Please speak to the Customer care executive for more information on this before you get your Tata Play connection

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