Why pay separately for Netflix & TV channels?

Get a combined blast of entertainment in a single subscription

Tata Play Recharge
Single subscription
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  • 720p
  • 1 On 1 device
    at a time
  • TV, Mobile, Tablet & Computer
  • Normal Audio
  • 1080p
  • 2 Upto 2 devices
    at a time
  • TV, Mobile, Tablet & Computer
  • Normal Audio
  • 4K+HDR
  • 4 Upto 4 devices
    at a time
  • TV, Mobile, Tablet & Computer
  • Spatial Audio
    360 Degree Sound

Tata Play TV Channels TV Channels of your choice!

Tata Play Netflix Combo
Get access to Netflix Multi Devices Access
Subscribe to a Netflix Combo & start watching!

Now enjoy Netflix combos on any of your connected devices

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On your Android SmartTV
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Read what others have asked about Netflix Combos

  • What are Tata Play Netflix Combos?

    Tata Play Netflix Combos are first of their kind bundled offerings and are your Entertainment passport across TV and OTT worlds! They combine your favorite TV Channels with Netflix in one simple and affordable combo. Now you don't have to spend time managing multiple subscriptions because we do it for you. We have a variety of combos for you to choose from, providing the best entertainment across multiple languages.

  • What content can I access as part of Tata Play Netflix Combos?

    Customers from across markets have an option to choose from a variety of Netflix combos that can be availed based on their viewing preference along with TV channels that they are enjoying currently.

  • How can I subscribe to the Tata Play Netflix Combo?

    You can easily subscribe to any Tata Play Netflix Combo through any one of the following methods:

    1. Visiting Tata Play Mobile App
    2. Logging on to www.tataplay.com

    On Tata Play Mobile app and website, Tata Play Netflix Combos can be found under ""Netflix Combos"" tab in Manage Packs -> Modify Current pack"

  • For what duration Tata Play Netflix Combo is available?

    Tata Play Netflix Combo is a monthly charging pack. The pack amount will be deducted from your wallet on the renewal date every month. You can decide to take a different Tata Play Netflix Combo or drop the pack before your next renewal date anytime during the month from Tata Play Mobile App or tataplay.com
  • Can I share my Netflix account with my family or close friends?

    Anyone in your household can use your Netflix account. People who are not in your household will need to sign up for their own account to watch.

  • What happens to my existing Linear TV content subscription if I opt for Tata Play Netflix Combo?

    Your current linear packs will continue as is; Netflix Combo will be added to your account as a simple add-on pack.

  • After I subscribe to a Tata Play Netflix Combo, can I move to another variant of Tata Play Netflix Combo?


  • Are Tata Play Netflix Combos free for Tata Play users?

    No, Tata Play Netflix Combos are monthly charging packs. The subscription amount would be charged from your Tata Play wallet every month.

  • I am already subscribed to Binge on my secondary Binge+ box (or, Firestick). What will happen if I opt for a Tata Play Netflix Combo?

    Netflix Combo pack will get attached on your Primary connection. The current Binge subscription on your Secondary Binge+ box (or Firestick) will continue as it is. The linear content which is part of your Netflix Combo pack will get mirrored to your secondary connection on DBR basis (if you have opted for MultiTV Mirror = Yes). There will be no impact of Netflix Combo pack on secondary box if you have opted for MultiTV Mirror = No.