Gujarat shows off home cooking skills with Tata Sky Actve Cooking

Tata Sky, the innovator in the Direct-to-home (DTH) space in the country, has once again created a fascinating opportunity for its customers through its interactive service – Actve Cooking.

Apart from showcasing new recipes daily that enables housewives to create something new out of her own kitchen ingredients, Tata Sky augmented the entire concept by inviting home cooks to share a video recording showcasing their culinary skills and favorite recipes, which will then be showcased on the Actve Cooking platform.

In a span of few weeks, hundreds of videos were received from locations across the nation. Participation came from subscribers as well as non-subscribers of Tata Sky Active cooking, as the opportunity of sharing one’s recipes on a national platform was now convenient and doable.

What is Actve Cooking?

  • An offering of the interactive services of Tata Sky
  • Close to 30 new recipes every day, more than 200 recipes every month
  • Now inviting home-cooks to upload videos of their favourite recipes to be showcased on Actve Cooking

Gujarat took the lead, with close to 50% of the videos received from various regions in the state. Interestingly not all the recipes submitted were Gujarati dishes. Italian & desserts were the most popular cuisines/recipes that were sent.

Usha Patel, house-wife and a resident of Ahmedabad said, “This was a brilliant opportunity to show off my culinary skills and take pride in something otherwise considered routine. My children were very supportive of the idea and in fact shot the video for me, on their mobile phone. I cooked Paneer  ka Halwa in the microwave which was showcased on Actve cooking last week. I would like to thank Tata Sky and will continue sending newer recipes”.

Mr. Vikram Mehra, Chief Commercial Officer, Tata Sky, said, “We are overwhelmed by the response to the concept especially from Gujarat. It has been one of our key markets and this concept truly bought out the Gujarati spirit of love for food. India is a culmination of multiple cultures and cuisines. Actve Cooking opened the doors for all those individuals who have the skill and yet not necessarily professionals in this field.
We at Tata Sky have always strived to provide differentiated and engaging content to our consumers apart from enhancing the viewing experience; this idea is a reiteration of our superior service offerings”.

“I realized that there are simple and new ways to make my grandchild’s favorite Italian pasta with Tata Sky Actve Cooking. It makes you explore everything used daily in the kitchen and get a chance to showcase it too,” stated Madhu Balesh, an enthusiastic grandmother of a 6 year old.

In a nation that is passionate about food & cooking, this concept by Tata Sky was an instant hit. Due to the overwhelming response from Gujarat, Tata Sky has customized communication on the channel in the local language, which will be launched in the coming month.