Now carry television in your pocket with Tata Sky’s Everywhere TV!

Experience all-in-one Live TV, Catch up TV and Video on demand on your mobile handset

Mumbai, 15th October: Tata Sky, pioneer of technological innovations in the DTH industry, announces the launch of ‘Everywhere TV’- by which subscribers will soon be able to watch and control their television viewing experience on the move.

Available to Tata Sky subscribers, the Everywhere TV service will be available for download this festive season on the iOS (iPhones, iPads) and Android platform through the Tata Sky mobile app, irrespective of the mobile operator used.

On the latest innovation, Vikram Mehra, Chief Commercial Officer, Tata Sky, elaborated, “Our research has shown that lifestyles are getting busier in today’s day and age. People spend hours in transit or waiting daily. Today over 60% of the (Tata Sky) population use internet to view videos on their Smart phones and tablets either at home or at office. Everywhere TV is a unique service for all those valued subscribers who want to keep in touch with their favorite shows,  programmes and channels that they have subscribed on Tata Sky even when they are on move through their mobile handsets.”

Features of Everywhere TV:

  • LIVE TV: Subscribers will be able to view live streaming of their favourite shows on over 54 TV channels and also set reminders for the shows they want to catch
  • CATCH UP TV: Subscribers will be able to watch previous 5 days episodes of their favourite shows
  • Video on Demand (VoD): Subscribers will be able to download or watch through direct streaming over hundreds of videos including movies and Do It Yourself videos on their handheld devices
  • Actve Music: Tata Sky’s most popular interactive service, will be available on mobile handsets, where a range of music genres will be available without the intervention of RJs/VJs
  • Downloading the service will be free from the app store, while streaming Everywhere TV will be available for an admin fee of just Rs. 60  per month for Tata Sky subscribers
  • Everywhere TV will be accessible on 3G & broadband services, allowing a complete television experience anywhere & everywhere, with no restriction of remaining within the coverage area of a specific telecom provider

Consumers will be able to view varied TV content on a single platform with ‘Everywhere TV’ instead of downloading and paying for multiple apps offering different channels or services, as has been done traditionally. In addition to Everywhere TV, one can also use the Tata Sky mobile app to remote record on set top box for their favourite TV shows on the set-top box, browse the EPG when they are outside their homes and use their mobile device as a wifi remote at home.

With the launch of Everywhere TV, Tata Sky will extend its range of services from indoors (at home) to now being available outdoors and on the move. Such innovative services have made Tata Sky the most preferred DTH brand in India. With Tata Sky mobile, Ab TV aapke Pocket mein!