Tata Sky+ launches 3 new revolutionary features

  • True Video-on-Demand (TVoD) service -
  • Dual access remote recording -
  • Revolutionary Auto Standby Technology to save electricity -

Mumbai, April 15, 2010: Providing its customers with superlative state-of-the-art services, Tata Sky Ltd., the Joint venture between the TATA Group and STAR, today announced the launch of three revolutionary features on its premium PVR offering, Tata Sky+. The features include True Video-on-Demand (TVoD) service, Dual access remote recording and the revolutionary Auto Standby technology to save electricity.These features are now available for the first time in India, to all Tata Sky+ subscribers, existing and new, absolutely FREE.

The True Video-on-Demand (TVoD) service will enable all Tata Sky+ subscribers access to a rich catalogue of exciting content across genres including movies, documentaries and sitcoms in the comfort of their homes. Unlike traditional pay-per-view services offered by several DTH platforms, where the viewer needs to adhere to show timings decided by the platform, the new True Video-on-Demand (TVoD) service will allow subscribers to start viewing unique content already downloaded by Tata Sky onto their PVR instantly, on demand, at any time of their choice. This truly revolutionary technology is offered in very few countries, globally.

Another unique new innovation is the launch of a dual-access remote recording facility on Tata Sky+. Subscribers will be able to instruct their Tata Sky+ PVR to record any program either through a mobile phone or, now for the first time, through the internet. This dual access feature has been under stringent testing and will be available at the end of this month.

Tata Sky strongly supports conservation. And another industry first is the revolutionary Auto Standby technology exclusive to Tata Sky+. Viewers can now put their high power consumption woes to rest, as this smart feature will switch your box to “sleep mode” when you are not recording or viewing live TV. As soon as your recording gets completed, the mode works its magic and goes back to low power consumption mode, saving electricity.

“For the very first time in India, True Video-on-Demand (TVoD) is being made available to Tata Sky+ subscribers, and it is an innovative way for our subscribers to benefit from the very best in the world of entertainment, from the comfort and convenience of their living room,” says Mr. Vikram Kaushik, Managing Director & CEO, Tata Sky Ltd. “With 130+ hours of recording time, True Video-on-demand (TVoD), dual access remote recording through the internet or a mobile phone, and a unique environment-friendly auto standby technology, we can proudly say that Tata Sky+ is the most technologically advanced PVR set-top-box available in the market today.”