About Astro Duniya

There has always been an intrigue in humans to know more about one’s future. There may be several astrology sources but very few offer credible information. Consultation from credible family astrologers, can be expensive or difficult to access.

Tata Play Astro Duniya will be a platform that will offer astrological advice from credible experts

  • Rashi Bhavishyafal: Daily Predictions, Tarot Reading, Bhavishyavaani 2022
  • Easy to follow at home astrology tips for overall well being
  • Know about basics of astrology the right way
  • Get access to one on one consultation

A destination that provides every type of astrology show for you to choose, gives you an access to personalised predictions and enables you to learn the basics of Astrology.

To know more, WhatsApp Astro to 1800 208 6633

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Are your stars Aligned?

Experts will provide astrology tips & predictions that can change your life

Sunday Specials

Exclusive shows for you with repeat telecast on weekdays

  • Manisha khatwani

    Wheel of Fortune

    Celebrity Tarot expert Munisha Khatwani will provide weekly tarot readings & make predictions for popular celebrities

  • Astro_future_with_Sundeep_Kochar

    Astro Future

    Astrologer & life coach Sundeep Kochar explains how astrology should be used in modern day to make the most out of it. His perspective is practical & relevant in this day & age.

  • Vastu Vidyalay

    Vastu Vidyalay

    Vastu consultant Poonam Wadera aquaints all with the fundamentals of Vastu as well as suggests simple DIY methods to get the Vastu right for various requirements.

  • Love Treasures

    Love Treasures

    Tarot Expert Nidhi Shah also known as Tarot with Nimo addresses love and compatibility issues through tarot and angel card pulls interpreted specially for relationships.

  • Logical Pandit

    Logical Pandit

    Celebrity Astrologer Pragnesh Shukla will answer questions sent by subscribers based on their planetary horoscope.

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