Multi TV Subscription Scheme

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Terms and Conditions

  • These terms and conditions govern the Multi TV Subscription Scheme (“Scheme”) offered by Tata Play Limited (“Company”) (formerly known as Tata Sky Limited) and shall be deemed effective from June 15, 2019.
  • Under this Scheme a Subscriber may be permitted to receive the DTH Services on up to three (3) Additional Set Top Boxes, in addition to the Primary Set Top Box, under the same Subscriber ID (1 Primary + 3 Additional Set Top Boxes).
  • To avail the Scheme, Subscriber is required to have an Active Account Status and make all necessary payments as may be decided by the Company, including towards but not limited to Subscription Fee, CPE Rentals (in case of rental scheme), Security Deposit (if any payable), Network Capacity Fees (as applicable for Primary and Additional Set Stop Boxes), Activation Charges and Installation Charges for the Primary Set Top Box and each Additional Set Top Box. Subscriber must maintain a minimum account balance for payment of all applicable payments to be made to the Company
  • No discounts will be offered on the Primary or Additional Set Top Boxes, unless explicitly stated by the Company.
  • This Scheme does not extend to Corporate/Commercial/Bulk subscribers.
  • When the Subscriber avails the Scheme, the Subscriber has the choice to either:
    1. Continue with the default option of uniform content viewing under which the same Channels / Packages of Channels activated on the Primary Set Top Box will be activated on each corresponding additional Set Top Box; OR
    2. Avail the feature of Tata Play Room TV Service. This service allows the Subscriber to select differentiated content by customizing the Channels or Packages of Channels for each of the additional Set Top Boxes.
  • Each Set Top Box will be allotted a Box ID which will act as an identifier for that Set Top Box. Subscribers can check Box ID through the “home App” by pressing the yellow button or guide screen by pressing the guide button on the Tata Play remote or the last 4 digits of the Digicard number which is mentioned on the back of the Digicard. Subscriber can visit the “Manage Packs” Section on the Tata Play Website or mobile application to see the current composition of each Set Top Box and to make modifications, as per her/his choice. For the purpose of identification and account management Subscriber may also allot a name to each of the Addition Set Top boxes which will be an Alias name, chosen by the Subscriber
  • Subscribers availing Additional Services on the Primary Set Top will be entitled to avail such Additional Services on the Additional Set Top Boxes without payment of any additional fees. For the purpose of this clause “Additional Services” shall mean the on-demand subscription service, offered by Tata Play to its own Subscriber, showcasing content from various content providers. Platform Services specifically exclude television channels specifically permitted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  • Company reserves the right to discontinue or modify this Scheme at any given time, as per applicable law.
  • All other terms of the subscription contract will apply.

Last Updated as on March 1, 2020