In Tata Play Secure+ Service you will get a Google Nest Cam (Battery) and a Nest Aware Subscription . The service can now be availed at Rs. 14,999 in which

- a Google Nest cam worth of 15,999/- is offered only at Rs 11,999/- and

- Nest Aware Subscription worth of Rs.3,600/- is given at just Rs.3,000/- offering instant discount on first two months subscription & charged only for 10 months (applicable for up to 4 Google Nest cams. Extra subscription charges maybe applicable for additional cameras).

- Also, as launch offer, you will get a Google Mini worth of Rs.4499 at no extra cost on every camera purchased.

Currently, the Camera is available on an annual subscription basis, i.e., 360 days from the day of activation. We have two plans – Nest Aware Subscription and Premium with Nest Aware Plus Subscription.
  • With Nest Aware Subscription plan, you will get Familiar Face alerts and 30 days of event Video history.
  • With Nest Aware Plus Subscription plan, you will get Familiar Face alerts, 60 days of event video history plus 10 days of continuous video history

Your subscription will be auto renewed on each billing cycle. The amount to be paid annually will get auto debited from your Tata Play account.

One subscription covers up to 12 devices. Your one-time device cost will vary per Camera basis. And your Annual Subscription charge will vary in multiples of 4X devices. For example:

Device cost
  • For 1 Camera = Rs.11,999/-
  • For 2 Cameras = Rs.11,999 x 2 = Rs.23,998/-
  • For 3 Cameras = Rs.11,999 x 3 = Rs.35,997/-

Annual Subscription Charge  

No. of Cameras Nest Aware Subscription Nest Aware Plus Subscription*
1-4 Rs. 3000 Rs. 5000
5-8 Rs. 6000 Rs. 10000
9-12 Rs. 9000 Rs.15000





*You can upgrade to our premium subscription plan any time after your first purchase is complete. To upgrade to our Premium subscription plan, please call our customer care number for assistance.

Since Tata Play Secure+ Service comes with annual subscription plan, cancelling the subscription in the middle of the year is not possible and will not make you eligible for a refund. But you can discontinue paying for the subscription post your due date.

Please call our customer care number for raising a cancellation request post your subscription due date.

On cancellation, intelligent alerts like Familiar Face detection, extended Event Video History , customer care & services support will stop. 

No, cameras cannot be returned once purchased.

No. Partial cancellation of subscription is not possible.