You can view the live stream of your Camera on the Tata Play Secure App whenever you’re connected to the internet. On the app home screen, tap the Camera stream you want to view. After it loads, you will be able to view the Live Stream.

Live Stream Features:

  • Streaming quality: View Live Stream in HD (1080p), SD (720p) or 360p quality.

  • Live stream screen:There’s a lot you can do using icons on the live stream screen, such as:

    • Sound: Listen to the Camera’s microphone by tapping on the speaker icon.

    • Speak: Talk to family and even visitors to your home by using the mic icon.

    • Record: Record a video of the stream directly by tapping on the video recorder icon.

    • Take photos: Capture photos from the live stream by tapping on the Camera icon. These photos are saved to the album in the app.

  • Photos and recorded videos can be saved to your device’s photo gallery and can be viewed, sent, or shared from there or through the album in the app.

You can turn the Camera on and off without having to go into its settings. Simply go to the Home Screen of the app and tap On/Off button on the right. The live stream and event recording (cloud uploads) will be disabled completely while the Camera is turned off this way. The On/Off button works only when the Camera is online.

Just pinch and zoom with your fingers to zoom in or out your live stream and video clips to get a closer look.

To turn on night vision, go to the app and select the live stream of the Camera you want. Click on the night vision icon at the top right to get a decent low light vision. The Camera has 4 LED infrared lights that are turned on when night vision is on, allowing you to see up to 9 metres (30ft) even in the dark. You can use night vision in the On, Off, or Auto modes.

Use the 2-way audio feature to talk to people at home. Open the Tata Play Secure app and select the Camera you want to use. Tap and hold the microphone icon when you wish to speak through the app. When you're done talking, release it to enable the Camera's audio. Audio through the app gets disabled while holding the Speak button and gets re-enabled when the button is released.

Your Camera will send you alerts about events triggered to let you know something in your home needs your attention. The alerts will come as automated messages on your smartphone.

When your Camera senses motion or sound, it will record a small 12-second video clip that is stored on cloud via end-to-end encryption. Event Video clips will be available for viewing up to 7 days. After 7 days, video clips are deleted and cannot be recovered. Event Videos have a 5-minute cooldown period for the 12-second videos. If there is constant motion detected, the Camera will record a 12-second Event Video every 5 minutes and store it to the cloud.