• Tata Play Secure service can be availed at Rs.1999/- which includes the one-time activation charge and an annual subscription.Rs.1509 one-time activation charge (per Camera)

  • Rs.490/- subscription charge for 10 months (per Camera). You’ll get two months subscription as complimentary over and above*

  • Rs.49/month subscription from 2nd year onwards

Currently, you can purchase the Camera with an annual subscription.

Your subscription will be auto-renewed at the end of each billing cycle. The amount to be paid monthly will get auto-debited from your DTH account starting from the 2nd year onwards

Tata Play Secure comes with an annual subscription. From the 2nd year onwards, you will be charged on a monthly basis (30 days) from the day of activation.

You can purchase a maximum of 6 devices in one Tata Play Secure subscription. I However, if the camera installation is required in multiple locations, you will need multiple Tata Play Secure service subscriptions to manage the same. Your monthly subscription charge and one-time activation charge will vary as per the number of Cameras.

Yes. You can raise a cancellation request for every subscription. Please call our customer care number for the same.

On cancellation, all the devices under that subscription will stop streaming live feed. You will no longer receive intelligent alerts or view your video recordings.

Note: Post cancellation of subscriptions, it will not be possible to reactivate the subscription to the same cameras. If subscriptions are needed, then it has to be purchased along with new devices with applicable charges. Tnc apply*

No, cameras cannot be returned once purchased.