About Beauty

Wide range of beauty programmes

From make-up tips to expert tutorials on grooming, style, and more, Tata Play Beauty brings programmes that will help you look your gorgeous best always 

  • Tata Play Ghar Ek Parlour

    Ghar Ek Parlour

    A Monday to Friday makeup and hairstyle tutorial for the audience. The show will be hosted by various makeup experts, ranging from Bollywood celebrity make-up artists to some of the biggest bloggers in the country. The show will focus on tutoring the audience on various skin related issues like dark circles, pimple & acne marks, dry skin, oily skin et al...and thus the solution towards the same through various makeup tricks and hacks. This show will feature names like Shruti Anand, Ambika Pillai, Subhash Singh, Noorin Sha and many more.

  • Tata Play Make Up Magician

    Makeup Magician

    A weekend special show with makeup & beauty expert Bianca Louzado. Bianca is one of the top celebrity make-up artistes boasting of a clientele like Priyanka Chopra. Diya Mirza, Sania Mirza amongst many other. Bianca is often referred to as the make-up magician within the industry owing to her excellent contouring skills. Bianca will be hosting and tutoring the audience on makeup tricks and hacks, every Saturday.

  • Tata Play Beauty

    Saas Bahu Beauty

    Television's favourite Saas, Bahu & Beti's will reveal their lifestyle, their beauty secrets, impart fashion tips, and talk about their life...every Sunday. See your favourite characters in their real avatar and impart their knowledge directly to the audience.

  • Tata Play Beauty

    Shine with ShaanMu

    To know make-up tricks and hacks is one thing, and to learn the secrets behind some of the most iconic Bollywood looks is another. ShaanMu, one of the most well-known modern day make-up artistes, will host this particular show every Sunday, and recreate some of the most iconic Bollywood looks of recent times. This show will feature every Sunday.

  • Apna Khayal Rakhein

    Apna kyahal rakhein

    This show will focus on complete skin care, hair care & body care remedies. A lot of body care can be achieved within the confines of the home, by merely using/re-using various ingredients/fruits/vegetables available within our kitchen. This show will guide the audience on various such remedies that can be adapted for natural and no- side effects beauty. Besides, this show will also showcase various modern medical treatments for body care. This show will be hosted by various beauty experts, skin specialists and dermatologists like Dr.Swati Maheshwari, Shruti Anand, Dr. Parag Telang, Dr.Pradnya Devdutt, Ambika Pillai, Heisha Cheema et al. This show will be telecasted from Monday to Friday.

  • Fashion

    F Se Fashion

    A complete Fashion & Accessories guide for the audience. This show will not just inform and teach the audience about the latest trends and styles of the season, but will also guide them on how upgrade the style without having to spend much. This show will also have tutorials for accessories like jewellery, shoes et al. To be hosted by some of the most sought after names in the Fashion Designing industry, F Se Fashion is one stop shop for all style and fashion related matters. This show will be telecasted from Monday to Saturday and will feature names like Archana Kochhar, Riyaz & Reshma Gangji, Manish Tripathi, et al.

  • Formula F

    Formula F Masterclass

    It’s a premier weekend property, featuring some of the top Master designers and fashion icons of the industry. The guest list as of now includes names & personalities like Payal Jain, Nayanika Chatterjee, Rina Dhaka, Harpreet Singh et al. These personalities will be suggesting various styling tips, and teach the audience about lifestyle and fashion. A first of its kinds show which brings the best of the industry under one brand name.

Meet the experts

Kavita Bhartia

"Kavita Bhartia has pioneered numerous trends in India, especially through her brand 'Ogaan' in 1989. Garnering much interest in Indian trends and skills, she has taken Indian ethnic global. Bhartia's designs play with the colours, fabrics, prints and embroidery."

Dr. Swati Maheshwari

"A senior specialist with nearly 15 years of experience in internal medicine, Dr. Swati Maheshwari brings extensive experience in the healthcare and wellness industry. Maheshwari's interest in medicine began when she was very young."

Namrta Joshipura

"Namrta Joshipura creates designs which translate across boundaries and geographies. Joshipura blends contemporary designs with modern interpretations. Joshipura was named the 'Designer of the Year' in 2013 by Elle Magazine. "

Ambika Pillai

"A hairstylist and make-up artist from Kollam in Kerala, Ambika Pillai made a name for herself through sheer hard work. Starting off with a salon called Visions by Ambika, Ambika Pillai is now a brand in itself."

Anju Modi

"Anju Modi's designs for Ram Leela gained her the Life OK Screen Award and the Star Guild Award. Having dressed female leads like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, her designs are wildly popular, intensely detailed and internationally known."

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